Tyler Deaver was born and raised in Viroqua, Wisconsin. This is a small rural community in the beautiful Driftless Region. Most of Tyler’s childhood was spent hunting and fishing on either of his family farms. Over the years these hobbies turned into obsession. Since his teenage years, the outdoors have been a way of life. This led Tyler to earn a a degree in Wildlife/Law Enforcement from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.



From a young age, Tyler has been blessed with the great gift of singing. He shared his voice through choir and drama while growing up. Tyler wanted to do more with music than just sing, so in college he began playing guitar and songwriting. Through the years he honed his skills by playing gigs at local bars and county fairs. These events over the years made Tyler realize his true dream. A dream of singing for a living and sharing his music with the world.


Tyler often thought about making the “move” to Nashville, as so many other dreamers have done. With the support of his wife, Stephanie, and many other family members, Tyler has moved to Nashville and has never looked back.


You can find Tyler playing gigs with friends near the Opry at the Music City Bar and Grill. Tyler also frequents various writer’s rounds for songwriters in the Nashville area such as, Douglas Corner, The Commodore, The Whiskey Room Live, and Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor.